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7073彩票注册 Correction notices from MarketWatch

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Half of investment-grade bonds are only one step away from junk status

7073彩票注册Companies binged on cheap credit, and they’re about to pay the price.

Here’s what mortgage ‘rate lock’ looks like, in one chart

MarketWatch ran a story on Dec. 10 about the impact of mortgage rates on likelihood to sell based on incorrect data. We have retracted the story.

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How to build a winning stock portfolio, and seven stocks to get you started

7073彩票注册Tom Vandeventer of the Tocqueville Opportunity Fund says it’s worth paying up for cloud-based services companies including ServiceNow, Nutanix and Workday.

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Breaking up Berkshire Hathaway may be the best idea in a post-Buffett world

7073彩票注册The underperformance of the large conglomerate has gone on too long.

The auditor of Citi, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank was tipped off before regulatory inspection

An earlier version of this story on June 20 incorrectly identified Air Products and Chemical(TICKER:APD)  as one of the KPMG clients impacted by the actions described. The correct company is Chemical Financial Corporation...

MarketWatch is committed to correcting errors that appear in our coverage. Messages can be emailed to or by reaching out to those in our newsroom.

For other customer service related issues, you can .

More Correction Notices

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Companies with women executives can help you do better in the stock market

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Top 10 signs it’s time to sell U.S. stocks

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Why stock-market investors should be worried about the junk-bond market

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Harry Boxer’s three biotech-stock breakouts to watch

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This fund’s managers visit 150 companies a year to double their benchmark’s return

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What investors ought to do after Trump fails to criticize Abe’s policies

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Here’s evidence the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates before Election Day

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Venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg to remain with firm

Venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg to remain with firm

A report that appeared Aug. 29 on MarketWatch indicated that the 32-year-old venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg was leaving his firm, Rothenberg Ventures. The San Francisco–based firm later characterized the letter to inve...

IEX CEO Katsuyama stands firm on exchange’s fee-only model

7073彩票注册A June 21, 2016 story by MarketWatch incorrectly described how the Bats stock exchange charged for services.

Face it: Ted Cruz is as far from the Republican mainstream as Donald Trump is

A column published on April 6 got the name wrong for the fiscal watchdog group, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Here’s why the Fed doesn’t know if inflation is a problem

An earlier version of this story misstated the process by which both the consumer price index and the core personal consumption expenditure index are measured.

How a big bet on one bad stock broke a legendary mutual fund

An earlier version of this story, published March 26, misstated the name of Sequoia Fund’s former manager 7073彩票注册farb.

Hillary Clinton widens delegate lead even after losing Michigan

A MarketWatch story published Wednesday incorrectly said the Florida and Ohio Democratic presidential primaries are winner-take-all.

Gains in utilities and manufacturing lift industrial output in January

A Feb. 17 story by MarketWatch incorrectly described the downward revision to December industrial output. The story has been corrected.

Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in U.S. college classes

A MarketWatch blog post on Jan. 27 incorrectly stated that the Bible doesn’t appear in the Open Syllabus Project database of U.S. college syllabi.

It may take five years for homeowner equity to return to normal

A story published January 28 incorrectly stated that “seriously underwater” homes have less than 25% equity. Such homes are at least 25% underwater, meaning the outstanding loan is worth at least 25% more than the home’s ...

Consumer sentiment rises as prices moderate, University of Michigan says

7073彩票注册A story published on Jan. 15 misstated the direction of consumer views on the current conditions in the economy. The story has been corrected.

U.S. goods trade deficit narrows in November

A Dec. 29 story by MarketWatch used out-of-date information for October’s goods trade deficit. The story has been corrected.

FSOC member says Treasury keeping him off ‘Team USA’

A Dec. 8 story by MarketWatch misstated the name of the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s independent member having insurance expertise.

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