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The latest currency headlines from MarketWatch

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Why did coronavirus plunge stocks into a bear market so fast? 5 things investors need to know

The global spread of the coronavirus is rattling investors, but why did stocks fall so hard and so fast from all-time highs? Here are 5 reasons behind the chaos.

Bank of Canada delivers half-point emergency rate cut

The Bank of Canada on Friday delivered an emergency rate cut, slashing its main rate by half a percentage point to 0.75%. The move follows a half-point cut at the bank's regular policy meeting on March 4. "It is clear that...

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Asian markets plummet after Wall Street’s worst day since ’87

7073彩票注册Shares plunged Friday in Asia, with Japan’s benchmark sinking as much as 10% after Wall Street suffered its biggest drop since the Black Monday crash of 1987.

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Fed shifts policies to ease ‘highly unusual disruptions’ in Treasury financing markets

7073彩票注册The Federal Reserve said it would inject more than $1.5 trillion into short-term funding markets on Thursday and Friday to prevent ominous trading conditions from creating a sharper economic contraction.

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Lagarde in damage-control mode after saying ECB ‘not here to close spreads’ amid Italy bond selloff

ECB President Christine Lagarde appears to walk back remark that surprised investors and economists.

Ticker Name Last Chg Chg %
EURUSD Euro 1.11 -0.0081 -0.72%
USDJPY Japanese Yen 107.98 3.35 3.20%
GBPUSD British Pound 1.23 -0.0285 -2.27%
AUDUSD Australian Dollar 0.62 -0.0044 -0.71%
DXY U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) 98.69 1.22 1.25%
BUXX WSJ Dollar Index 92.89 0.93 1.01%


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Bitcoin plunges 26%, its sharpest selloff in 7 years

7073彩票注册Cryptocurrencies were not immune to the coronavirus-related selloff on Wall Street on Thursday, as the price of bitcoin plummeted 26%, its worst daily selloff in seven years.

FedEx CFO Graf to retire, treasurer Lenz to become new CFO

7073彩票注册FedEx Corp. said late Monday that Chief Financial Officer Alan Graf will retire effective Dec. 31, and Mike Lenz, corporate vice president and tre...

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Cryptocurrencies lose nearly $21 billion in total market cap in Sunday selloff

Ticker Name Last Chg Chg %
BTCUSD Bitcoin USD 5574.44 139.26 2.56%
ETHEUR Ethereum EUR 116.43 -0.26 -0.22%
LTCUSD Litecoin USD 35.37 -0.7600 -2.10%
XRPUSD Ripple USD 0.15 -0.0020 -1.32%
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash USD 170.50 -2.10 -1.22%
XMRUSD Monero USD 39.46 3.7200 10.41%
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