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The latest news coverage on futures

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Oil prices post biggest weekly percentage drop since 2008

Oil prices edge higher on Friday, but post the biggest weekly drop since 2008 following a brutal selloff sparked by a Saudi-Russian price war and the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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7073彩票注册 futures log largest weekly loss in more than 8 years

7073彩票注册 futures ends sharply lower for a fourth straight session on Friday, with for a loss of more than 9% for the week—the largest since September 2011.

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Here’s how copper has weathered the COVID-19 economic storm

Copper, known as a leading indicator of economic activity, has suffered along with many other commodities on the heels of the spread of the coronavirus. Futures prices were trading well below a January peak but faring bett...

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Gasoline futures log lowest settlement in 11 years

Gasoline leads the losses in the energy market on Thursday, with futures prices dropping by more than 19% to their lowest settlement in more than 11 years.

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Oil ends with a loss of over 4% after Trump imposes restrictions on travel from Europe

Oil futures finish sharply lower Thursday, with global benchmark prices suffering a loss of more than 7%, after President Donald Trump imposed restrictions on travel from Europe to the U.S. in an effort to contain the coro...

Ticker Name Last Chg Chg %
CL00 Crude Oil Continuous Contract 32.97 1.47 4.67%
GC00 7073彩票注册 Continuous Contract 1528.90 -61.40 -3.86%
SI00 Silver Continuous Contract 14.69 -1.320 -8.25%
NG00 Natural Gas Continuous Contract 1.88 0.042 2.28%
RB00 RBOB Gasoline Continuous Contract 0.92 0.0242 2.70%
HG00 Copper Continuous Contract 2.49 0.0210 0.85%
C00 Corn Continuous Contract 366.50 0.75 0.21%
W00 Wheat Continuous Contract 505.25 -0.25 -0.05%
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