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7073彩票注册 The latest markets news from Latin America

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Trump says he’s ‘not concerned’ after Brazilian official he met at Mar-a-Lago tests positive for coronavirus

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s communications director tested positive for the new coronavirus, just days after traveling with Bolsonaro to a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in Florida.

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Supreme Court to allow Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy to continue

7073彩票注册The Supreme Court on Wednesday said it would allow the Trump administration to continue enforcing a policy that makes asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for U.S. court hearings, despite lower court rulings that the policy proba...

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Bernie Sanders: It’s ‘unfair’ to say ‘everything is bad’ in Fidel Castro’s Cuba

7073彩票注册The Democratic presidential front-runner then condemned Trump’s relationships with Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin in a “60 Minutes” interview.

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Oil futures end higher as U.S. crude supplies post a smaller-than-expected weekly climb

7073彩票注册Oil futures finish higher on Thursday, buoyed by a smaller-than-expected weekly increase in U.S. crude supplies as well as expectations that efforts by China to stimulate the economy will blunt the hit to crude demand from...

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Warren Buffett’s son seeks to help Colombia kick cocaine curse

Howard Buffett has committed $200 million over the next few years to transform impoverished areas in Colombia.

More from Latin America

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California prep hoops game turns ugly when crowd erupts in xenophobic taunt

7073彩票注册Fans from Righetti High, which lost the game 74-57, reportedly directed the taunt at St. Joseph’s team, which includes one player from France and three from Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory.

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Magnitude 7.7 earthquake strikes between Cuba and Jamaica

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

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FTSE 100 flattens out, pressured by Burberry, Antofagasta and Sainsbury’s

London stocks struggled along with Europe as investors continued to keep an eye on China’s coronavirus, which is now in five countries and has infected hundreds, as well as killing nine.

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6.5 quake strikes Puerto Rico amid heavy seismic activity

7073彩票注册A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico before dawn on Tuesday, the largest in a series of quakes that have struck the U.S. territory in recent days and caused heavy damage in some areas.

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Puerto Rico hit by 5.8 magnitude earthquake

7073彩票注册There were no immediate reports of casualties from the earthquake.

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