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Here’s why Trump says he excluded the U.K. from his travel ban

President opposes House’s coronavirus bill as markets continue steep drop

President Donald Trump criticized a House bill to address the coronavirus.

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7073彩票注册President Donald Trump on Thursday said he excluded the United Kingdom from a travel ban since the country is doing a “very good job” — even as coronavirus cases there rose and two more people died.

In an Oval Office appearance with the prime minister of Ireland, Trump also said he opposes a House bill in response to the virus, joining a top House Republican and dimming hopes for the measure to be approved in its current form.

The House bill would guarantee programs like food assistance and temporary sick leave, as well as make free coronavirus testing widely available.

Trump said the bill addressed unrelated issues. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the California Republican, tweeted Thursday that he wouldn’t support House Democrats’ coronavirus bill.

Trump’s remarks came a day after he imposed restrictions on foreign nationals entering the U.S. from Europe as well as other measures to support small businesses impacted by the coronavirus epidemic.

7073彩票注册The United Kingdom and Ireland are exempt. “It’s got the border. It’s got very strong borders. And they’re doing a very good job. They don’t have much infection at this point,” Trump said about the U.K.

Ireland is, of course, an independent republic that is a member state of the European Union and not part of the U.K. As he spoke, Trump was seated beside the Irish taoiseach, or prime minister, Leo Varadkar.

7073彩票注册Reuters reported that British cases of coronavirus were up 29% to 590 over the past 24 hours as the death toll there rose to 10.

U.S. stocks DJIA, -3.03% plunged again Thursday, pushing the S&P 500 index SPX, -2.92% and Nasdaq Composite COMP, -0.27%7073彩票注册 into a bear market. Uncertainties around the economic impact of the coronavirus has decimated investor buying appetite.

7073彩票注册Trump said he believed the stock market would bounce back.

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